Monitor computers

Doingcast takes regular screenshots of every computer you want in your company. See any screen from your company right now.

Employee monitoring

See who's working

Doingcast is all about Big Data. Check productivity, compare employees, take action.

Productivity analysis

Keep it all safe

Doingcast keeps a log of everything done with your company computers in a secure cloud.

Secure cloud storage

Be The All-Seeing Boss

Download Doingcast now for FREE and empower your company with security and productivity.

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Doingcast is a monitoring, analysis and storage system of all activities taken place on a computer

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Easy to use

Simply install Doingcast at your company's computers and you'll have access to your full-featured dashboard.

Best choice

Doingcast is the only app that monitors, analyses and stores all the computer activity.

Available everywhere

Check your company computers from any computer, tablet or mobile.